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Coverage in English language

There has not been any coverage yet in 2021.

There was no coverage in 2020.

October 1, 2019: Academic Author Copyright Loss- Impacts and Remedies (PDF) (Arizona Law Review)

June 21, 2019: Publishers fail to stem tide of illicit ResearchGate uploads (Times Higher Education)

November 9, 2017: Publishers push ResearchGate harder in copyright battle (Times Higher Education)

October 27, 2017: Open access week: ResearchGate and the violation of copyright agreements (Times Higher Education)

October 26, 2017: Guest Post — Does ResearchGate Emerge Unscathed, or Even Strengthened? (Scholarly Kitchen)

October 25, 2017: A Broadening Battle Over Archives to Share Papers (Inside Higher Ed)

October 21, 2017: Publishers Unite to Fight Copyright Infringement on ResearchGate (spicyIP)

October 12, 2017: Sharing and Profits (Inside Higher Ed)

October 12, 2017: The Facebooking of Scholarly Research (Scholarly Kitchen)

October 11, 2017: The trouble with ResearchGate (Open Access @ Strathclyde)

October 11, 2017: ResearchGate Backs Down (Inside Higher Ed)

October 10, 2017: ResearchGate is Hiding Open Access Articles

October 10, 2017: Publishers threaten to remove millions of papers from ResearchGate (Nature)

October 10, 2017: Publisher Split on How to Handle ResearchGate (Inside Higher Ed)

October 10, 2017: Academic publishers must work together to enable hassle-free, legal and trustworthy sharing for researchers (Elsevier Connect)

October 7, 2017: How ResearchGate rebrands uploaded fulltext publications

October 6, 2017: Publishers take ResearchGate to court, alleging massive copyright infringement (Science)

October 6, 2017: ResearchGate: Publishers Take Formal Steps to Force Copyright Compliance (The Scholarly Kitchen)

October 5, 2017: Publishers seek removal of millions of papers from ResearchGate (Times Higher Education)

September 20, 2017: Publishers go after networking site for illicit sharing of journal papers (Science)

September 18, 2017: Publishers propose agreement with ResearchGate to limit unauthorized paper sharing (Chemical and Engineering News)

Coverage in German language

There has not been any German coverage yet in 2021.

There was no German coverage in 2020.

There was no German coverage in 2019.

Coverage in other languages

October 9, 2017: Kirjastused käsivad teadlaste veebivõrgustikust eemaldada teadusartikleid (Estonia, ä