Following unsuccessful attempts to jointly find ways for scholarly collaboration network ResearchGate to run its service in a copyright-compliant way, information analytics businesses, scholarly and scientific publishers and societies are now left with no other choice but to take formal steps to remedy the illicit dissemination of millions of published articles on the ResearchGate site.

A coalition of publishers, which currently includes the American Chemical Society, Brill, Elsevier, Wiley and Wolters Kluwer, has been created to provide the scientific community and the wider public with information on activities needed to address ResearchGate’s infringing actions that are undermining the viability of scholarly research.

You can read the Coalition for Responsible Sharing’s full statement here, that gives a detailed explanation of industry concerns with ResearchGate, the user friendly solutions the site has rejected that would address these concerns and the action the coalition is taking as a result.

Members of the coalition

The American Chemical Society Brill Elsevier Wiley Wolters Kluwer

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