Who is the Coalition for Responsible Sharing?

The Coalition for Responsible Sharing (CfRS) is a group of publishers working together to bring the practices of article-sharing platforms and scholarly collaboration networks into compliance with copyright for the benefit of curated and certified science. The group was formed in October 2017 to engage with article-sharing platforms and scholarly collaboration networks and has since taken multiple steps to address the copyright-infringing dissemination of enormous amounts of published journal articles on the largest scholarly collaboration network, ResearchGate. Before that, several attempts to work jointly with ResearchGate to find ways for ResearchGate to run its service in a copyright-compliant way were unsuccessful.

Since its formation, the CfRS has grown to 13 society, not-for-profit and commercial publishers and information analytics businesses that are currently working together to implement a long-term viable solution that brings ResearchGate’s site into compliance with copyright and that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

The CfRS does not take action lightly and its measures are not directed at researchers. Members of the CfRS have always embraced and actively encouraged legitimate sharing of scientific articles by the research community. They have worked and will continue to work with key stakeholders in scholarly communications, including researchers, librarians, and other scholarly collaboration networks, to improve and innovate the process of article-sharing to better support the research community.

Latest News from the Coalition for Responsible Sharing

Coalition for Responsible Sharing statement on the EU Copyright Directive

Article 17 of the new EU Copyright Directive clarifies the responsibilities of all online platforms, such as ResearchGate, with respect to copyrighted content uploaded to their websites by their users and made available publicly. On 1 August 2021, this became German law that ResearchGate was required to implement. To comply ...

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Copyright Compliance by ResearchGate Is the Only Viable Long-Term Solution

The members of the Coalition for Responsible Sharing have always been clear that we embrace and actively encourage copyright compliant sharing of content by the research community. However, the commercial science platform ResearchGate continues to provide access to millions of research articles on its site without publisher’s permission in contravention ...

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Coalition for Responsible Sharing: Status Report on ResearchGate, June 2019

June 13, 2019 – Second update by the Coalition for Responsible Sharing on ResearchGate’s copyright compliance status. The first update can be found here. Download this report (PDF) Top Level Summary Further action is required to resolve the issues with ResearchGate, which continues to undermine scholarly communication and the scholarly publishing ecosystem. ResearchGate ...

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Members of the Coalition for Responsible Sharing

American Medical Association
American Physiological Society
American Society of Plant Biologists
Future Science Group
KeAi Publishing
Portland Press (fully-owned by the Biochemical Society)
Wolters Kluwer
World Scientific Publishing

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